Blakely Cold & Flu Remedies

Cold and flu season is here! And while we do not claim that energy, we can help relieve those stubborn symptoms naturally. 

Some of our most popular products are from our CBD line. Foaming bath salts are everything you didn’t know you needed to unwind after yet another busy day! Allow the aromatherapy of the Just Chill Bath Salts to ease your mind and send you off to paradise while the scents and oils relax those tired muscles and open up your sinuses. Our CBD extract contains 0% THC and is derived from an organic hemp farm.

For an added therapeutic soak, add the Soothe Cold & Flu bath bomb to your regimen. Made with natural ingredients such as thyme, peppermint, eucalyptus, frankincense, and rosemary - this luxury bath bomb will both relax you and relieve those stuffy noses!

The Twisted Peppermint body scrub has become a customer favorite because of it's sinus opening ingredients! Awaken your skin and enjoy the tingle of peppermint as you alleviate those cold & flu aches and pains. This beloved holiday scent also comes in body wash form

Eucalyptus and hemp are two highly therapeutic ingredients that make our soap a best seller. This powerful duo helps to decrease pain, promote relaxation, and relieve cold-like symptoms. Add a soap sack for a more invigorating cleanse!




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