From Nurse to Entrepreneur - Blakely Bath & Co

From Nurse to Entrepreneur

Our products are more than just soothing aromas, pretty packaging, and limited ingredients. I graduated from the Centra College of Nursing in 2016 as Sade Campbell, RN. From 2016 until 2022, I practiced in the fields of pediatrics, the progressive cardiac unit, hospice, and case management. 


My grandmother suffered a heart attack in 2012 and I vividly remember that being the turning point in my education journey. Through helping her during that recovery period, I realized that my God-given talent was to help others.  

Fast forward to now. I am a full-time boss babe, entrepreneur, and business owner. In October 2022, I was blessed to step away from nursing career and continue to pursue my gift of helping others through Blakely Bath & Co. It took fervent prayer, many late night conversations with the fam, and my incredible BB&C team to inspire me to be ALL IN for my business. 


So how does this all correlate? 

My nursing background has directly impacted the way that I choose my ingredients. I have been blessed to gain knowledge that many people don't have the opportunity to. Through my education and experience in the field, I know what ingredients to be weary of and those that will actually give real results to my customers. It has allowed me to give my customers safer, more natural products without denying them affordability and the results guarantee. My career in nursing gave me a leg to stand on in the self care industry and has in turn allowed my customers to live happier, healthier lives with the peace of mind that their products are truly good for them. 

We did a full revamp in January of this year with new floors in the store, updated labels and a fresh logo, more thoughtful product displays, and even a new way for YOU to shop online with us. When you visit our online shop, you can now browse by concern. This has made all the difference, as it gives a more user-friendly platform to serve you better. 

As a thanks for your continued support, please use code: NURSE at checkout for $5 off your purchase.