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Got Migraines?

Relieve your migraines for only $18 🙌🏾
If you suffer from migraines - you are not alone! Migraines are a major health issue that affects over 1 billion people globally. They can have crippling effects that make even the simplest of daily activities uncomfortable and even painful.
Common migraine symptoms you should definitely know about ⬇️
1. Debilitating throbbing
2. Pain on only one side of your head
3. Seeing sparking lights or flashes
4. Weakness and tingling
5. Next level nausea
6. A heightened sense of smell
7. You’re totally out of it—even after the pain is gone
8. The throbbing derails your entire life
9. You get crazy fatigued
10. Your neck is stiff
11. The pain seems like it lasts forever

Our Migraine Relief Roller provides quick onset symptom relief for migraines, reduces nausea and severity of discomfort. Formulated with carrier oil, peppermint, frankincense and lavender essential oil to provide migraine/headache relief NOW!
Here’s how to use it: Apply roller to temples and gently massage. For external use only. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure. 
For more on migraines and how to diagnose & treat them visit Women's Health Magazine