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Ways to Use Your Detox Soothe Bundle: Cold & Flu Natural Remedy

Cold and flu season is here! Although we can't prevent them, we can assist in easing those persistent symptoms naturally. To recover quickly from a cold or flu, it's vital to give your body the necessary rest, including immune-boosting foods such as fruits, vegetables, and lean protiens in your diet. These can enhance your self-care and attentiveness to your body's needs during this crucial period. 

Our Detox Soothe Bundle can help you feel better while you recover.

Tip: Hang eucalyptus over your shower

1. Hang Your Eucalyptus Over Your Shower

Warm steam from your shower or bath will activate the oils in the  eucalyptus bunch from the kit. This creates aromatherapy for respiratory and stress relief. When you hang it, avoid hanging directly in water stream. You can leave the eucalytpus bundle hanging for 2-3 months. That's perfect for cold season!

Tip: Detox Soak in Bath Tub

2. Detox Soak In Bath Tub

Ease congestion and discomfort when you soak with our essential oil infused bath bomb. Soak for approximately 15 minutes. You'll feel the releif that fast. The bath bomb can also be used in bottom of the shower by crushing. Just avoid direct water stream during shower use.

3. Cleanse Your Body

Cleanse away the bad germs with our essential oils infused detox soothe soap bar. The carefully-selected ingredients cleanse skin, increase blood circulation, enhance relaxation and repair skin health and biome.

4. Rest and Restore

After use of your detox bundle, you should experience feelings of relief, decongesting and renewal.

That sets you up to rest and recooperate — to help you feel better soon!

Try it Today!

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