I'm your Blakely Bath & Co CEO, Sade (Sha-day) Campbell, the woman behind the wing (our logo). I'm a mother to a beautiful angel girl named Blakely and a boy momma to Eli the Great, a wifey and Registered Nurse, BSN.

My story is the epitome of "tragedy to triumph". In 2016 when I went into labor with my daughter Blakely at 39 weeks I was told "there's no heartbeat". I delivered her stillborn. During this time I was overwhelmed with emotions and searching for purpose in life with a way to cope.

I've always had a niche for beauty. I believe in the feel good, look good, do good phenomena; so I handmade natural skin friendly skin care products for a therapeutic hobby. 

With my nursing background I have experience working with pediatrics, holistic and alternative medicine, tele-health, case management, hospice and cardiac. 

My passion for making others feel good and live healthier lives brings solice to my life. I encourage you to make self care a priority; when you fill up your cup, you can pour into others.

I'd love to have you join our social media community by following us on IG and TikTok, joining our Facebook group and liking our Facebook business page. Blakely Bath & Co became an official business in February 2019.

Thanks for reading the Bio, but the story is still being written and I'm just getting started :)
🌿 If you need to chat or have questions reach out to:

Blakely Bath & Co CEO Sade Campbell

Hey Y'all!

Fun Facts

-I love riding sis ( Blakely handmade soaps come in handy for the dirt)

-Ridiculously goofy

-Travel bug

-Coffee Lover

-Obessesed with tattoos

-Aquarius ☀️, Scorpio 🌙, Aries⬆

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