Q. Where can I find an ingredients list for Blakely Bath & Co?
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Discover the effortless path to radiant skin with Blakely! Our commitment to your well-being is reflected in our meticulous production process, ensuring that our products prioritize your health and safety.

From the youngest members of your family to seniors, our diverse range includes organic bar soap, body butters, creams, scrubs, eczema kits, feminine care, anxiety spray, pain gels, and bath bombs. Harnessing the power of ingredients like avocado, aloe, grape seed oil, and safflower oil, our clean formulations stand as a guarantee to nourish and safeguard your skin.

Embracing a "less is more" philosophy, we are dedicated to using only the finest, easily recognizable ingredients. Each product is crafted with simplicity and quality in mind, ensuring that you can confidently prioritize the health of your skin. Show your skin the love it deserves with Blakely – where skincare meets the perfect blend of nature and science. 

Q. Can you create custom orders and fragrances?
Yes, you can order custom products. If it's not listed, please send us a chat message for your inquiry.  Create Your Own Product 

Q. Do you offer bulk orders?
Yes, we offer bulk gifts for your employers, organizations, airBNBs and more to enjoy. Please inquire at info@blakelybathco.com

Q. What products do you have for eczema?
Shop Eczema Relief Kit

Q. I'm not sure what I need, I have skincare concerns. What products can you recommend? 
Find your personalized skincare, wellness and feminine routine in less than 2 minutes by taking the quiz

Q. What are benefits of Blakely Products?
Experience the numerous benefits of Blakely Products:

All-Natural Formulation: Our products are crafted with a commitment to purity, utilizing all-natural ingredients. You can trust that there are no synthetic additives compromising the integrity of our formulations.

Free from Harsh Chemicals: We prioritize your well-being by excluding harsh chemicals from our products. You won't find any potentially harmful substances, allowing you to care for your skin without worry.

Natural Oils and Fragrances: Enriched with natural oils and fragrances, our products provide a sensory experience that is both luxurious and derived from the goodness of nature.

Skin-Friendly: Formulated by Registered Nurse Sade Campbell RN, our products are designed with your skin's health in mind. Each product undergoes a meticulous development process to ensure it is gentle and beneficial for your skin.

Empowered by Nature, Backed by Science: Our commitment to healthier skin is at the intersection of nature and science. We leverage the power of natural ingredients, supported by scientific research, to bring you effective skincare solutions.

Look Good, Feel Good: Blakely products are not just about skincare; they are designed to boost your confidence. By enhancing your skin's health, our formulations contribute to your overall well-being, allowing you to both look and feel good.

With Blakely, you can confidently embrace a skincare routine that prioritizes natural goodness, avoids harsh chemicals, and empowers your skin with the best that nature and science have to offer.

Q. Are the soaps made with Lard?
None of our soaps are made with lard, our soaps are made with saponified oils, the process by which a vegetable or plant oil is turned into soap. Shop Soaps

Q. What is Soapscription and how do I join?
Soapscription is our flexible VIP SOAP Club! Enjoy the convenience and savings of having natural soaps in your daily life, on your own time! It's a hassle-free with perks like first dibs on new releases, surprise deals and 100 $blakelybuck points for every soap club order!
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Q. How do I update my soap selection for my Soapscriber Soap Club Box?
Login to your customer account. Click on your current subscription. Then click on the dropdown menu to change scents. Make sure you confirm your changes. Chat with a Blakelybabe specialist for further questions or video tutorial.

Q. Do your currently wholesale?
Please send alI wholesale inquiries to info@blakelybathco.com

Q. What are your store hours?
Store Hours:
Tues-Friday 11A-6P
Sat 10A-2P

Q. Where are you located?
18013 Forest Rd. Ste C03 Forest, VA 24551