Turmeric Benefits:

  • Shrink pores.
  • Help brighten and lighten dark spots (hyperpigmentation)
  • Fight acne
  • Reduce wrinkles and age spots 
  • Boost collagen for a youthful look
  • Boosts your mood with a fresh, tangy uplifting orange essential oil 

The main active ingredient in turmeric is a natural compound known as curcumin that helps to decrease inflammation and oxidation, allowing wounds to heal faster and skin to maintain its natural healthy radiance. It is known to bring out a natural glow and aid in hyperpigmentation. Turmeric contains natural antioxidants that are beneficial when ingested and applied topically. For many years Indians have used turmeric within Ayurvedic medicine practices, which involved plant based medicines known to be more suitable for humans from a biomedical perspective. It has been used to treat cancer, and other diseases as it has been found to be anti-viral, antiseptic, anti- inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and much more.