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Foaming Bath Salts

Size: Cherry Almond


Caret Down

Long day? Achy back? Seeking a break? Blakely Bath & Co. has your back! Our foaming bath salts are the ideal accompaniment to relaxation. Enjoy aromatherapy scents and oils that will take you away to a blissful paradise. Pamper yourself with lots of bubbles and emerge from your bath feeling refreshed and brand new! Unwind and enjoy this special “me time" with foaming bath salts. 


  • Relaxes Sore Muscles
  • Aromatherapy
  • Neutralized Odor
  • Provides/ promotes relaxation
  • Made for sensitive skin

Uses: Add to warm running water for best results.

Bath Salt Containers are 8 oz, approximately 3-4 uses per container.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Breanna V.

    My kids absolutely LOVE the foaming bath salts! They enjoy the amount of bubbles it produces and the scent of the dripping dreamsicle. The best part? You can get multiple uses out of just one container!


    I love these bath salts so much! This one smells exactly like the name! It reminds me of those amazing Orange creamsicle ice creams I used to love in the summer as a kid. My family recently moved out of state and went on a 11 hour drive to our new home state and this was my first bath after that trip! I can’t tell you how wonderful it was! It smelled amazing, it helped me relax, I loved the foaming to it and my skin felt so good afterwards. You definitely have to try these!


    So these foaming bath salts are going to end up being one of my favorite items I believe. I initially bought this peppermint one for myself because I just LOVE peppermint scent all year long Lol. However my 6 year old little girl has been sick with a fever, sore throat, and congestion the last couple days so I thought okay lets try this maybe it will help? She absolutely LOVED the foam to it and the peppermint scent really helped her stuffy nose!


    Need everything
    I love the Drippin Dreamsicle Bath salts and also the Cherry Almond soap and can't keep enough of them. These products are all amazing but these are just 2 if my favorites. Oh and I can't forget my bath bombs and I have some of every scent

    Sarah J

    I need to order many more of the Drippin Dreamsicle bath salt. LOVED IT. Skin is so soft and smells excellent. I don't plan on ordering anymore body wash, soap bars, ect... from the stores. Love these products!