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Feminine pH Balancing Sensitive Wipes

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Caret Down

Tired of feeling like you need to 'freshen up' when you're out and about? We've got the perfect solution! Our Feminine Wipes are your perfect companion - they cool, refresh, balance pH, remove dirt, oils and reduce swelling - Get the funk out of your life with our amazing Feminine Wipes!


  • Gently Protects and Cleanses
  • Reduces menstrual discomfort and bleeding
  • Blocks vaginal odor
  • Regulates pH
  • Organic
  • Refreshes and feel confident all day. 
  • Eases vagina/yoni itching, a bad-smelling vaginal discharge, odor, burning, soreness

Use wipes: 

  • After using bathroom
  • During menstruation
  • Before & after sexual activity
  • During and after pregnancy
  • After parties & events 

Refrigerate for increased freshness.

Made with 100% natural ingredients: Chamomile, Rose Water, Aloe Vera, Frac. Coconut Oil and Witch Hazel

      Product Includes: 10 Large Feminine Wipes