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Get the Funk Outta Here Period Kit

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Ever dread getting a monthly visit from Mother Nature or getting your "period" for the month? Let's not even mention hormonal mood swings, acne and debilitating cramping that keeps you at home on the couch instead of living your best life? Well, it's time you say "Get the Funk Outta Here" with your Blakely Bath & Co Period Kit. The Period Kit includes:
  • 5 Large Feminine Wipes will provide you with a cooling and refreshing feeling along with removing dirt, oils and reducing swelling infused with chamomile, rose water, aloe, coconut oil and witch hazel 
  • Rub Me Down Pain Gel formulated with muscle blend essential oils, capsicum and camphor oil to rub on your tummy to provide menstrual cramp relief within 20 minutes 
  • Get The Funk Outta Here Feminine Foam Wash made with castile soap, aloe, water, coconut oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, lightly scented with oatmilk n honey oil as a result reduces "period" smell; regulate your pH and leave your feminine area feeling squeaky clean.

Refresing | Pain Relieving | Odor Reducing

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