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Melanin Made Kit

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Looking for products that compliment your skin by enhancing your natural beauty and giving you the ultimate glow? 
Melanin Made kit will give you radiant skin, clear blemishes + dark spots and complete
hydration. Evening out skin tone you can say goodbye to your dark spots and acne, just watch this kit do it's magic. Formulated with organic raw cocoa butter, avocado butter, turmeric, calendula flowers and orange essential oils for silky, glowy skin. Safe for face and body use. 


    • #ThatGlo Turmeric Face & Body Scrub
    • #ThatGlo Turmeric Face & Body Soap Bar
    • #ThatGlo Face & Body Butter


    • Shrink pores.
    • Help brighten and even out complexion 
    • Turmeric can be great to help with acne.
    • The soap can also help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
    • The anti-oxidant powers of this spice can help slow cell damage and increase collagen
    • Boosts your mood with a fresh, tangy uplifting orange essential oil 
    • Hydrates Skin with a glow finish 

Use: Cleanse face and body with soap bar, exfoliate 2-3x per week after cleansing and moisturize after each cleanse with #thatglo butter for best results.

Hydrating | Brightening | Rejuvenating



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