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Baby Kit

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Caret Down

Marvel at Blakely Bath & Co's Baby Kit, a luxurious collection that nurture, hydrate, and purify your tiny tot safely! Featuring a natural oil-infused foaming wash and a delectable oat milk n honey scent. After bathtime, a moisturizing Oatmilk N Honey body lotion will complete the routine. Created with utmost care and quality ingredients, this Kit will keep your precious baby clean and healthy.



  • Good gentle cleanse.
  • Promote healthy skin hygiene
  • Formulated for babies and kids
  • Hydrate skin
  • Feel good about safe ingredients 


  • Oatmilk N Honey Lotion
  • Oatmilk N Honey Foam Wash


Caret Down

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Caret Down
Baby Care Kit | Baby Kit | Blakely Bath & Co
Baby Kit
Caret Down

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