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Soap Exfoliant Sack

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Caret Down

Tired of dealing with soap residue in your tub or shower? Introducing the Soapy Sack ‚Äď the perfect solution to keep things clean while enjoying a luxurious, exfoliating lather with your favorite Blakely Soap Bar. Our multipurpose sacks not only prevent soap residue but also extend the life of your soap in an eco-friendly and gentle way, enhancing your bathing experience. Check out our bath essentials and create a personalized soap cozy effortlessly with our easy and quick pattern.

Versatile bath accessory with three usage options:
1. Acts as a residue barrier between the bath tub/shower and soap.
2. Insert your soap bar into the sack for a rich lathering experience.
3. Use the sack individually for washing and exfoliating.


  • Versatile use for body and soap saver
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable¬†
  • Utilizes standard crochet terms
  • Perfect for using up every bit of your soap
  • Reduces soap residue and keeps shower/bath clean¬†
  • Smooths and exfoliates skin

Washer Safe. Recommend switching out every month or two.