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Soap Exfoliant Sack


Tired of dealing with soap residue in your tub or shower? Introducing the Soapy Sack ‚Äď the perfect solution to keep things clean while enjoying a luxurious, exfoliating lather with your favorite Blakely Soap Bar. Our multipurpose sacks not only prevent soap residue but also extend the life of your soap in an eco-friendly and gentle way, enhancing your bathing experience. Check out our bath essentials and create a personalized soap cozy effortlessly with our easy and quick pattern.

Versatile bath accessory with three usage options:
1. Acts as a residue barrier between the bath tub/shower and soap.
2. Insert your soap bar into the sack for a rich lathering experience.
3. Use the sack individually for washing and exfoliating.


  • Versatile use for body and soap saver
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable¬†
  • Utilizes standard crochet terms
  • Perfect for using up every bit of your soap
  • Reduces soap residue and keeps shower/bath clean¬†
  • Smooths and exfoliates skin

Washer Safe. Recommend switching out every month or two. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Brandy Pickral
Don't sign up for monthly delivery

The soaps I tried were awesome but customer service was terrible and I was lied to. I had signed up for the monthly subscription box of soap and your store was running a sale. Instead of putting your repeat customers in front you filled the orders for the 5$ bars of soap and had me wait and pay my normal price and to beat it all after waiting was promised to get some type of something to make up for the wait. I should have known, nothing has come free to me. That's my 2nd review. My first complimented your charcoal & lavender bar.

Michelle Dehaven

This was the first time I've ever used an exfoilant sack, and it's a game changer for creating lather and extending the life of my soap bar! The fragrance of both the soap and face oil are amazing!!

Soap saver!!!!

Soap sack is so versatile and it can even be washed in a washer without it being destroyed! Use it as an exfoliating glove or put you soap in it to use as a loofah substitute!

Sarah W

For all your soap needs
The soap sack is a life saver for all of your soap needs! It saves the soap from getting soggy, also it is versatile for a exfoliate.

Joy Claytor

The bomb
This soap sack is awesome. It keeps your soap from becoming slimy. Drys quick. Just put your soap inside and start washing. Makes your skin feel smooth too! Also it saves your soap when gets down to those little pieces.