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Summertime Fine Kit

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$13.00 USD

Experience summer in luxury with the Summertime Fine Kit! Our luxurious blend of pomegranate and pear will have your skin glowing with a golden shimmer. Purify, soften, hydrate and brighten your complexion for a stunningly beautiful look that will captivate everyone you encounter!


  • Radiant glowing skin
  • Soften rough skin areas
  • Enhance melanin and tanned skin tones with golden shimmer
  • Provides full self care regimen for daily use ( exfoliate with scrub 3x or less/ week)


  • Summertime Fine Face and Body Cream ( inspired by our famous Silk Dream Cream sweetened with Pomegranate Pear Scent)
  • Summertime Fine Gold Shimmer Body Scrub ( sugar and oil based scrub with a golden luxurious twist sweetened with Pomegranate Pear Scent
  • Summertime Fine Exfoliation Bar Soap ( also known as our famous Pomegranate Pear Bar Soap made with exfoliating poppy seeds for a smooth, refreshed finish)

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