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Voluptuous Lip Balm & Scrub Set


Caret Down

Introducing the Blakely Natural Lip Balm with Lip Scrub Kit – a dynamic duo for achieving irresistibly soft and smooth lips. Elevate your lip care routine with this thoughtfully crafted set that combines the hydrating benefits of our natural lip balm with the exfoliating prowess of our lip scrub, both infused with Vanilla Mint. 

Elevate your lip care experience with Blakely's Natural Lip Balm with Lip Scrub Kit – the perfect pairing for achieving luscious and healthy lips.

**Natural Lip Balm:**
Nourish your lips with our natural lip balm, enriched with moisturizing ingredients that provide lasting hydration. Experience the soothing touch of botanical elements, leaving your lips soft, supple, and naturally beautiful.

**Lip Scrub:**
Revitalize your lips with our gentle yet effective lip scrub. Formulated to exfoliate and remove dry, flaky skin, this scrub enhances blood circulation, promoting healthier-looking lips. Enjoy the indulgence of a revitalizing lip treatment.


  • Complete Lip Care:** The combined use of the lip balm and lip scrub ensures a comprehensive lip care routine, addressing both hydration and exfoliation.
  • Natural Goodness:** Our products are crafted with natural ingredients, providing a wholesome and nourishing solution for your lips.
  • Soft and Smooth Lips:** Achieve irresistibly soft and smooth lips

How to Use

Caret Down

Wet lips. Massage lip scrub in a circular motion to create warmth for circulation and exfoliation. Rinse after about 2 minutes. Pat dry. Use up to 3 times per week. Apply lip balm as needed.


Caret Down
  • Lip scrub exfoliates dead skin for smoother lips.
  • Lip balm hydrates and nourishes dry lips.
  • Helps to maintain soft and supple lips.
  • Enhances lipstick application and longevity.
  • Protects lips from environmental damage.
  • Convenient for on-the-go use.


Caret Down

Lip Scrub: Made with organic sugar, coconut oil, vanilla, peppermint essential oil. Lip Balm: Made with beeswax, coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Susan W

so soft
Absolutely love this lip balm! My lips normally dry out in the winter months but this keeps them so soft and it goes on so smooth! Try it, your lips will thank you ;)


Game Changer
The lip scrub is a game changer! After only one use I noticed my lips were moisturized and SOFT!

Kristin M

I am obsessed with the lip balm. It is one of my favorite items and lasts so much longer than any regular chapstick.

Jenny C

Soft lips
Love the voluptuous lip set. It makes my lips so soft.

Breanna V

Soft lips all day long!
This is the best lip scrub set!
Use the scrub to exfoliate and get those lips ready for the silky feeling you get when you apply the lip balm!
The scrub isn't too rough and a little goes a long way.
The lip balm is the perfect consistency and keeps your lips feeling moisturized all day.