Q. Can you create custom orders and fragrances?
  • Yes, use this link to order your custom product. If it's not listed, please send us a chat message
Q. Do you offer corporate gifts?
  • Yes, we offer bulk gifts for your employees to enjoy (also for clients, teachers, and more
Q. What products do you have for eczema?
Q. How do I select a soap based on my skincare needs?
  • Find your personalized skincare needs with our FREE downloadable Healthy Skin Care Card, Review Blakelybabe Reviews & Testimonials, Search terms like "acne" or "dry skin" or send us a chat message!

Q. What are benefits of Blakely Products?
  • All Natural, No Harsh Chemicals, Made with Natural oils and natural fragrances. Skin friendly; formulated by Registered Nurse, Sade Campbell RN; each products is empowered by nature and backed science for healthier skin. Products are formulated to help you look good and feel good. 


Q. Are the soaps made with Lard? 
  • None of our soaps are made with lard, majority of our soaps are "vegan". We do offer some Goat's milk soap.

Q. How do you SOAPSCRIBE?
  • You can soapscribe to our 3 soaps for $20 HERE

Q. What are the perks of SOAPSCRIBER?

  • Soapscribers get first dibs on exclusive products, new arrivals, events and are able to collect double the amount of $blakelybucks to redeem for discounts and free items. It's like christmas every month, you get 3 soaps for the price of 2! You save over $120/yr with this option

Q. How do I update my soap selection for SOAPSCRIBER?
  • Login to your customer account. Click on your current subscription. Then click on the dropdown menu to change scents. Make sure you confirm your changes. Chat with a Blakelybabe specialist for further questions or video tutorial.

Q. Do your currently wholesale or allow bulk ordering?

  • Yes, we do offer.  Send all inquiries to info@blakelybathco.com

Q. What are your store hours?
  • Store Hours are Tues-Fri 11A-6P, Sat 10A-2P

Q. Where are you located?
  • 18013 Forest Rd. Ste C03 Forest, VA 24551 


Q. Where can I find an ingredients list for Blakely Bath & Co?

Let's make taking care of your skin a breeze with Blakely! Our natural skincare products are dermatologist-approved and powered by nature-backed science, so you can trust that they work. From babies to seniors, we have something for everyone, including organic bar soap, body butters, creams, scrubs, eczema kits, feminine care, anxiety spray, pain gels, and bath bombs. With ingredients like avocado, aloe, grape seed oil, and safflower oil, you can rely on our clean formulas to nourish and protect your skin. Plus, with our "less is more" philosophy, you can trust that we use only the highest-quality, simple ingredients that you can actually read. So go ahead and show your skin some love with Blakely! #skincare #naturalskincare #naturalproducts



Fewer than 10 ingredients in all carried products



Small batch

Silk Protein:  Silk Proteins are both extracted from silk glands or silkworm cocoons. Silk proteins serve to protect your skin barrier as well as deeply moisturize  the skin and assist in firming and hydration. Silk proteins have a chemical structure very similar to collagen found naturally in our skin; hence its ability to improve elasticity and skin cell reparation. Fibroid is the protein inside of silk which boasts amino acids to help heal the skin further. 

Avocado Butter: Avocado Butter is the base for our beloved body butters that impresses with unsaturated fatty acids such as oleic acid, or Omega-9, known to stimulate wound healing and assist in healing eczema, rosacea and psoriasis. In addition to this, avocado butter is chock full of vitamins A, D, and E, all which help to moisturize with long lasting results.