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Goat Soap

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Goat soap is a top-tier investment and a perfect place to start your self-care journey. Specifically formulated with ingredients picked by our Blakely Bath CEO, you won't find this soap anywhere else! Loaded with anti-inflammatory and anti-irritation ingredients like chamomile and oats. 

It's literally multipurpose! You can use it as a daily face regimen, or to wash your entire family as it is gentle and hydrating. Use it as a shaving bar for a smooth finish without redness and irritation. 


  • Eliminates dead cells
  • Does not overdry your skin
  • Softens the skin a lot.
  • Cleanses the skin from the inside out.
  • Removes bruises.
  • Increases skin radiance very quickly and lightens it quickly.

Soothing | Cleansing | Hydrating | Best Selling Item


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