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Soothe Cold N Flu Bath Bomb

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A decongestant and anti inflammation bath bomb that's safe for the entire family, This is a vegan bath bomb. This product pairs great with our Anti-Anxiety spray to give you the most calming effect yet. Create an oasis in your own home with this luxurious, slow-spinning frothier.

What does the perfect winter day smell like to you? To us, it smells like this bath bomb! The bath bomb wrapping is subtle, so even non-GOT fans will enjoy it! The bomb itself is shaped like the earth, with clouds of green and aqua blue.  Like most bath bombs, it fizzes and smells delicious when added to the bath.


  • It releases all its goodness.
  • Natural fizzing bath bombs
  • Very beneficial to eczema.
  • Bomb is enough for one bath.

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